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From Tibet to Siberia


A vast continent, home to more than half of the world’s population and full of contrast with surrounding majestic mountain ranges, emerald seas, great beaches, vast deserts, sub-tropical humid forests, ancient temples and bustling cities and delicious cuisine.  In between the incredible ultra-modern and prosperous cities of Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and the less affluent countries of Afghanistan, Laos and East Timor you find the interesting and historical powerhouses of china and India and South East Asia . Embark on a train journey across the endless plains of Siberia, get lost in Tibetan Buddhist monuments, stroll along the Great Wall of China or be drawn to the magnetism of Thailand.  There is a seemingly infinite number of worlds to explore here. 

highlights of indochina - Saigon to siem reap

Discover the diverse wonders of Indochina. On this journey explore three unique countries, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, each as intriguing as the other. Traverse this emerging region for an authentic Asia experience. If you are short on time but want to see the best of the region, Highlights of Indochina is for you.

thailand and laos experience

Experience the history and culture of charming Thailand and Laos. Leave the bright lights of Bangkok for the historic Bridge over the River Kwai, then reach the old city walls of Chiang Mai, and the mysterious Golden Triangle In Laos. Float gently along the Mekong River past untouched rural villages, to the glittering temples of Luang Prabang. 

secrets of japan

Discover Japan's contrasts, from its sleek, modern cities to ancient towns and traditional customs. Wander Tokyo's energetic streets and hurtle along on the bullet train. Stay at a traditional inn near Mount Fuji at Hakone and then journey back in time to discover the Old Town of Takayama. See the thriving geisha culture in Kanazawa and Kyoto. 

highlights of myanmar

Discover Myanmar on a fascinating journey through a land of ancient temples, riverside cities and communities floating on water. Meet the country's friendly people at markets, villages and monasteries, and gain an insight into life in a place largely cut off from Western influence for so long. 

highlights of bhutan 

Shadowed by snow-capped Himalayan peaks, the Land of the Thunder Dragon elicits visions of a Shangri-la perched on the top of the world. Visit ancient fortresses, temples, monasteries and traditional villages amidst the spectacular Himalayas. Experience the colour and excitement of one of Bhutan's famous festivals, Jambhay Lakang. Trek to the Tiger's Nest Monastery and explore the ancient capitals of Paro and Punakha.

china panorama

Witness the incredible diversity of China, from human feats such as the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall, to breathtaking rural scenery in Guilin and Yangshuo. The cities of China are thrilling, with Beijing offering fascinating insights into history and culture and Shanghai a bustling modern metropolis. Spend a morning at the captivating Giant Panda Research & Breeding Base, and visit the intriguing hill tribe region of Longsheng with its impressive rice terraces. Immerse yourself in this comprehensive journey of incredible China.


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